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IELTS Testimonials

What our students are saying…

“I found your course excellent. The course was economical, time frame excellent to cover all modules, content fabulous, tips great and my results are a true testimonial to your wonderful course. In my first attempt I have scored an overall band 8 in the IELTS test that I took on the 25th March 2006. Good and keep it up.”
– Roy Thomas (Chennai – India)

“UniRoute’s IELTS course finally answered the things I didn’t understand – and got me my 7!”
– Anuchit Weeramakul (Thailand)

“Working at home allowed me to finish UniRoute’s IELTS course faster than I could have anywhere else, which is just what I needed. I found it perfectly clear, too.”
– Haresh Kumarapoom (Pakistan)

“Why bother with commuting to classes to sit in front of boring teachers? UniRoute was much more fun than the other IELTS course I took, and I got my 6.5”
– Sakari Onaro (Japan)

“Clear, easy-to-follow explanations – everything you need to know. UniRoute’s IELTS is a dream course.”
– Wilders Angkertsrom (Sweden)

“You couldn’t beat UniRoute’s IELTS course at any price. I prepared me for every tricky thing that appeared on my test, and I passed with flying colors!”
– Anita Ratchachindra (Sri Lanka)

“I couldn’t have fit an IELTS course into my life without UniRoute’s at-home one. I couldn’t believe how complete it was, and how easy to use. It got me the score I needed.”
– Vijay Singh (India)

“Simply the best! The only one of the three IELTS preparation courses that got me the 7.0 I needed.”
– Susida Sumbunpakdee (Thailand)

“There aren’t any IELTS prep courses where I live, so Uniroute IELTS saved the day for me. I felt fully prepared when I took the test – and I was. I got 7.5!”
– Chan Dun (China)

“I took a regular IELTS preparation course, but I couldn’t keep up. Work at my own rate with courses that explained everything clearly made all the difference. UniRoute let me succeed!”
– Seesawan Thevamith (Laos)

“I thought IELTS would be no problem, since my family speaks English at home. But after failing big-time the first time I took it, I tried UniRoute’s great course and got the help I needed with the tricky parts. The second time, I sailed through.”
– Michael Chin (Hong Kong)


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